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Over the last 13 years, many concerned Chilliwack residents have worked to address the most urgent of its social issues.  This process involved several advisory committees and action plans that culminated in 2010 with a series of public forums, the outcomes of which were summarized in the Chilliwack Healthier Community Strategic Action Plan (CHCSAP).  The first action that came out of this plan was the formation of a partnership group – Chilliwack Healthier Community (CHC), with the purpose of bringing agencies and organizations together, to combine their efforts, expertise, knowledge and resources – in order to tackle Chilliwack’s most complex social issues. 

In its first year, this partnership established its structure, carried out its first collaborative projects, promoted the success of others, and delivered a forum series aimed at asking the community to define their highest priority issues, offer solutions, and help us to determine the next steps.  We know that no one organization can address these issues, and that only by working together will we be successful in making Chilliwack a Healthier Community. 

Strategic Action Plans

2014 Chilliwack Healthier Community Strategic Action Plan

2011 Chilliwack Healthier Community Strategic Action Plan


CHC is loosely based on a “constellation" model of governance, meaning the majority of the work we do is accomplished through smaller groups, off-shoots from the partnership.  We have several kinds of constellation groups: Working Groups, Task Teams, Collaborations and Participation. The Working Groups are described below, the work of the other groups and teams is found in "What We Do".

working groups

Working groups are permanent and perform specific functions for CHC.

1.  Organizational Structure - guides the activities of the Coordinator and ensures alignment of CHC efforts with the CHC Strategic Action Plan; guides growth of CHC partnership; develops funding strategies

2.  Communications and Promotions - develops and implements communications and promotions strategy; guides raising the CHC profile, ensures internal and external communications expectations are met

3.  Measurement and Monitoring - develops and implements measurement and monitoring strategy; ensures partner expectations are met; reports on indicators of success of CHC projects