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CHC Teams

Opening Doors Task Team (ODTT)

Goal: To increase the ability of CHC and partners to operate in a culturally safe way

Housing First task team (HFTT) and HFTT - Housing Hub Committee (HHC)

Goal: To facilitate collaboration that will increase the stock of affordable housing in Chilliwack and reduce homelessness


How you can be a part of addressing homelessness in Chilliwack

The Housing Hub is an initiative created and operating in Chilliwack to connect those most in need of housing with landlords and service providers to house and support these individuals. One of the key issues in today’s housing market is the cost of rent. The Housing Hub subsidizes rents where needed, but as you can imagine, there is always a need for rental subsidies. Therefore, one of our partners, Xolhemet Society, has volunteered to administer the Housing Hub Rental Subsidy Fund. By donating to this fund, you directly contribute to addressing homelessness in our community. Through Xolhemet Society you will get a charitable tax receipt as well. This is one of the many ways we are working to keep the Housing Hub up and running well into the future.

Poverty Reduction Task Team (PRTT)

Goal: To generate specific strategies to address poverty in Chilliwack based on contributing factors in the local context

addictions Task Team (ATT) and the OVERdose community action team (OCAT)

Goal: To reduce the impact of addictions in Chilliwack through creating supportive environments

Mental Health Awareness Task Team (MHATT) and MHATT - Mental Health Guide development Committee (MHGDC)

Goal: To promote mental wellness across the lifespan in homes, schools and work places

Healthier Seniors Task Team (HSTT)

Goal: To contribute to addressing the urgent social issues facing seniors in our community