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CHC Teams

Opening Doors Task Team (ODTT)

Goal: To increase the ability of CHC and partners to operate in a culturally safe way

Housing First task team (HFTT) and HFTT - Housing Hub Committee (HHC)

Goal: To facilitate collaboration that will increase the stock of affordable housing in Chilliwack and reduce homelessness

Poverty Reduction Task Team (PRTT)

Goal: To generate specific strategies to address poverty in Chilliwack based on contributing factors in the local context

addictions Task Team (ATT) and the OVERdose community action team (OCAT)

Goal: To reduce the impact of addictions in Chilliwack through creating supportive environments

Mental Health Awareness Task Team (MHATT) and MHATT - Mental Health Guide development Committee (MHGDC)

Goal: To promote mental wellness across the lifespan in homes, schools and work places

Healthier Seniors Task Team (HSTT)

Goal: To contribute to addressing the urgent social issues facing seniors in our community