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Chilliwack Healthier Community is a partnership of local organizations concerned with addressing Chilliwack's most complex, chronic and urgent social issues.  Our main areas of focus are affordable/accessible housing, mental health and addictions, public safety, and healthy lifestyles.  We know, however, that there are many social determinants of health: education and literacy; primary and preventive health care; physical and nutritional health; employment and income levels; and that all these contribute to our overall health.  These are woven into our projects as well.

How we work

Issues like homelessness, mental health, addictions and public safety have multiple causes, and we know that in order to effectively address them, we need multiple partners, working together to come up with innovative and creative solutions.  CHC functions as the centre-point for this work, pulling together the expertise needed to effect positive and lasting change for our most vulnerable residents.

We are very pleased with the pro-active, compassionate and collaborative approach taken by the CHC to address this need within our community.
— Tim Bohr, Salvation Army - and CHC partner

What We've Achieved To date:

  • We've built a network of service providers. There are hundreds of people working in health and social services in Chilliwack, and for the past three years we've been creating a space for them to connect, know each other and what everyone does. One of the results of this is that we're better at making sure anyone gets the help they need. Another is that conversations on how we can work together are happening - this leads to innovative solutions to really complex issues.
  • CHC Network members have been coming to our Information and Networking Breakfast events for three years now. Every event we have speakers share information about their programs, and we give participants the opportunity to meet and speak to each other - over breakfast.  
  • Every week we send out an email to CHC Network members. This is our "weekly mail-out", and it's made up of all the email notifications members have sent to us throughout the week. Members look forward to this mail-out as a way to stay on top of the very latest developments.
  • Over the years we've delivered many workshops, forums and trainings. These are focused on raising awareness, informing and educating service providers and the public.
  • We set clear goals and objectives for ourselves, and measure our progress against them.
  • We deliver an annual forum. This is our chance to tell the wider community about the work we're doing, and to hear back from you.